About Jon Psalmonds

Executive Jon Psalmonds is the Chairman of the Caribbean Pacific Oil Company in Atlanta. The firm acts as a transporter and seller of jet fuel from Central and South America to the United States. To ensure success, the firm sets competitive prices using market research, found lowest costs for other expenditures, and strove to secure high-quality oil. The firm utilizes existing relationships to further enhance operations. As Chairman, Jon Psalmonds has managed the execution of company-related documents, established the company mission, and interviewed and hired all new employees. He also maintains high standards of integrity and honesty in company activities.

Jon Psalmonds has also presided as the Chairman of Integrated Water Solutions, LLC, an Atlanta company focused on finding long-term and sustainable solutions for potable water. To meet the rising demand for potable water, Integrated Water Solutions turns to the natural hydrographic cycle as a model for its approach.

Jon Psalmonds was also a Managing Member of the Horeb Group, LLC, in Texas. The firm was responsible for the development and execution of a plan to revitalize and restore the Gila River, the Colorado River, and the Salton Sea in Arizona and Southern California. To effectively manage the firm, Jon Psalmonds ensured proper execution of all documents for company creation, including articles of incorporation and operation agreement, and took on responsibility for developing the company mission, officer positions, and job requirements.

Additionally, Jon Psalmonds is the Chairman of Nature First Real Estate Holdings, LLC, and North by Northwest Holdings, LLC. He attended Missouri Baptist University and Hannibal-LaGrange College.


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