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Ten Tips for Great Leadership

November 13, 2013

Throughout his career, Jon Psalmonds has demonstrated successful leadership based on honesty and integrity. Jon Psalmonds has been a managing member and/or CEO of a number of companies that have grown and been successful under his direction, including Integrated Water Solutions, LLC, and North by Northwest Holdings, LLC.

Executives must be capable leaders in order succeed in business. To become a strong leader, it is important to learn the subtle communication skills that may not always be taught in the classroom. The following tips may be helpful in that regard:

1. Earn trust through seeking council, thinking through the issues, and communicating clearly the decisions you make.

2. When communicating on a personal level or to a group, always treat each individual or group as though they are your sole
focus during the period of time you are with them.

3. Get to the point. Be clear, concise, and forthright.

4. Be committed to taking an active part in any discussions you might have.

5. Keep an open mind.

6. Develop your listening skills. Truly learn how to listen, and take a sincere interest in what others have to say.

7. Be empathetic and don’t think about yourself.

8. Understand what is not said, witnessed, or heard.

9. Commit yourself and/or your team to becoming knowledgable concerning the topics that are to be discussed.

10. Make people feel as though the time they have spent with you was productive and meaningful.