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Georgia to Become Part of the Glades Reservoir Project

March 12, 2014

Jon Psalmonds is a former advocate for sustainable water solutions in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the many individuals concerned with the recent droughts in the state, Jon Psalmonds and other professionals are part of an effort to address what is considered one of the most severe environmental problems in the region.

Recently, the administration of Governor Nathan Deal expressed interest in investing in a reservoir in North Georgia that would increase the amount of water that flows into a lake bordering three different southern states. This reservoir would provide extra water during the event of a drought, but the lake is highly disputed among the states.

Solving the water crisis will cost an estimated $130 million, and part of the proposed solution is the Glades Reservoir in Hall County. Although the project would provide relief to the thirsty state, the Hall County local government is asking for $14.6 million in state funding. Recently, the state of Florida proposed to the Supreme Court that a river system bordering Florida, Alabama, and Georgia be divided up. The current state plan in Georgia is to build their own reservoirs with the help of local communities.